YoutubeTitle PHP Source

Version 1.2


Version 1.2
— fixed “NOTICE: Undefined index” that appears on some sites.

Version 1.1
— solved some issues with some php versions. The “preg_matches” didnt worked quite as planned.

This is the PHP source needed to run your own website for the YoutubeTitle.tcl.
It contains: index.php, counter.php, countlog.txt

All of them go to your www or public_html directory.

*** Make sure you have installed php-curl. ***

Then setup in the YoutubeTitle.tcl version 2.0 (available for download here) the website url without the http:// offcourse.

# Set the website where from where information will be take from (without http://)
# You can download the "youtube php source" from if you want different website
set ytitle(website_url) ""

Thats it, rehash and have fun with your favorite music shared to all users 😀

Daniel Voipan
BLaCkShaDoW Administrator
The One and Only

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