Version 1.1

Shows time for all the cities in world in many languages.

+ Includes date, week number, sunrise, sundown, daytime and holiday (if its a holiday)
+ Allows to setup foreach user a default location and language.
+ Includes an autoshow timer for all channels to show time for cities specified in script (if enabled on chan)

Version 1.1
+ solved an issue related to website connection


!time Bucharest
[T] Time for Bucharest Tower Center, Bucureşti, Romania
[T] 16:45:02, Thursday, December 31, 2020, week 53
[T] Sun: ↑ 07:52 ↓ 16:46 (8h 54m)

!time lang fr

!time Bucharest
[T] Heure actuelle pour Bucharest Tower Center, Bucureşti,
[T] 16:46:32, jeudi 31 décembre 2020, semaine 53
[T] Soleil : ↑ 07:52 ↓ 16:46 (8h 54min)

!time set Paris

[T] Heure actuelle pour Paris, France
[T] 15:50:22, jeudi 31 décembre 2020, semaine 53
[T] Soleil : ↑ 08:44 ↓ 17:04 (8h 20min)

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