Version 1.0

A new Game is born, our child game (EN: Stairs and Slides ; RO: Serpi si Scari) is now available on IRC.

Who’s fast and who’s not? Roll the dice and avoid the snakes!
The goal is to reach 100 points first.
Ladders will take you up, but snakes will take you down!

– posibility to play with the bot
– two level for play (easy, hard)
easy – you have to get to 100 or higher to win
hard – you have to get exactly to 100
– month stats reset
– with 1 dice, supports up to 6 players
– with 2 dices, supports up to 12 players
– the pattern that shows where are the stairs or snakes(slides) is set in TCL, ofcourse you can add as many as you want and the bot will take a random one each time.
– english and romanian language included

Have Fun, Merry Christmas 😀

Daniel Voipan
BLaCkShaDoW Administrator
The One and Only

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