Version 1.1

Bans IP’s that are listed as spam or have other incidents in folowing ip incidents databases : dnsbl.dronebl.org, cbl.abuseat.org
Have a chan command that can use a host, ip or nickname. Backchan support included.

++ For the join scan to work use: .chanset/.set #chan +ipbl
++ To setup a backchan use : .chanset/.set ipbl-backchan <#channel>

Chan command:

!ipbl <nick>/<host>/<ip> ; manual check by specifing


!ipbl LouCypher
<Robit> -= IPBL =- Nick: LouCypher ; IP: ; Status: dnsbl.dronebl.org [OK], cbl.abuseat.org [LISTED]

Auto backchan announce

-= IPBL =- ([email protected]) is detected as blacklisted in #romania (dnsbl.dronebl.org [OK], cbl.abuseat.org [LISTED])

Daniel Voipan
BLaCkShaDoW Administrator
The One and Only

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