Version 1.2

Gets word definitions based on command from dictionary.com. Has also a “Word of the Day” autoshow timer on channel. Works on multiple channels.
A setting is available for showing all definitions or only the first.

Version 1.2 – solved an issue related to website change
Version 1.1 – solved an issue related to showing the ‘Spelling’ for !dict command.

(All definitions) Example:

!dict vacuum
[D] Spelling: [ vak-yoom, -yoo-uhm, -yuhm ] ; Audio: https://static.sfdict.com/audio/V00/V0003900.mp3
[D] Type: noun, plural vac·u·ums for 1, 2, 4-6, vac·u·a [vak-yoo-uh] /ˈvæk yu ə/ for 1, 2, 4, 6.
#1 a space entirely devoid of matter. #2 an enclosed space from which matter, especially air, has been partially removed so that the matter or gas remaining in the space exerts less pressure than the atmosphere (opposed to plenum). #3 the state or degree of exhaustion in such an enclosed space. #4 a space not filled or occupied; emptiness; void: The loss left a vacuum in his heart. #5 a
vacuum cleaner or sweeper. #6 Physics. a state of lowest energy in a quantum field theory.
[D] Type: adjective
#1 of, pertaining to, employing, or producing a vacuum. #2 (of a hollow container) partly exhausted of gas or air. #3 pertaining to a device or process that makes use of a vacuum to accomplish a desired task. #4 noting or pertaining to canning or packaging in which air is removed from the container to prevent deterioration of the contents.
[D] Type: verb (used with object)
#1 to use a vacuum cleaner on; clean with a vacuum cleaner: to vacuum rugs. #2 to treat with any vacuum device, as a vacuum drier.
[D] Type: verb (used without object)
#1 to use a vacuum cleaner: to vacuum in the dining room.

(short version) Example:

!dict confirm
[D] Spelling: [ kuhn-furm ] ; Audio: https://static.sfdict.com/audio/C07/C0745100.mp3
[D] Type: verb (used with object)
#1 to establish the truth, accuracy, validity, or genuineness of; corroborate; verify: This report confirms my suspicions.
!dict confirmation
[D] Spelling: [ kon-fer-mey-shuhn ] ; Audio: https://static.sfdict.com/audio/C07/C0745300.mp3
[D] Type: noun
#1 the act of confirming.

(Word Of the Day AutoShow) Example:

[D] Dictionary Word Of The Day -- clement ; Spelling: [ klem-uhnt ] ; Word Type: adjective ; Definition: mild or merciful in disposition or character; lenient; compassionate.

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