Version 1.1

About This File
The next generation trivia script brought to you by

Version 1.1

— bugs fixed

— MySQL support for users, scores,stats

— html page generator

— includes BlackTrivia website

— ftp upload for the page generated to website.


1. /PRIVMSG q add ::… ; add a question
FOR KAOS, put KAOS: in front of the question (KAOS – question with multiple answer)

2. /PRIVMSG q del ; remove a question

3. !trivia color 1/0 ; 1 – sets color version to trivia/ 0 – sets bold version to trivia

4. !trivia lang / ; sets language to trivia

5. !report list ; list reports made

6. !report clear ; clear all reports


load – load question files (please make sure there are in scripts)
mix [number] – mixing loaded questions


To activate:

.chanset +trivia | from BlackTools: .set #channel +trivia

!version – returns the Trivia script version.

!trivia [reset] – starts/stops Trivia [[reset] only for admins]

!hint – get’s 1 char from the hidden word

!stat [nick]/[-reset] – get’s the userstats [[-reset] to reset]

!top [gen]/[week]/[play]/[fast] – get’s the general,daily,weekly TOP

!buy – buy 1 char from the hidden word with your round points

!pow – get your power list

!place [nick] – get your place in the TOP

!play [nick] – get your play time

!report [reason] – report a invalid/wrong answer or question

!ping – get your ping reply

!help – view cmds help

— Powers —
!bonus – apply the bonus power, if you answer correctly you will get the bonus

!time – apply the extra time power, it will add X seconds to the current hint

!me – apply the ME power, only you can answer the current question

!skip – apply the skip power, skip the current question

What’s new ?

– the game is structured by rounds, each round having a number of X trivia games.

– at the end of the end the best user get’s a power based of his points

– users also can buy characters with their round points by using !buy

– no copy paste protection implemented [optional]

– users get points also based on the played time

– users get sanctioned for the wrong answers [optional]

– bonus if user advances in top

– bonus for the fastest answer

– bonus for the fastest round answer

– bonus for consecutive answers

– auto start/stop based on the activity

– user stats available like played time, played time today, rounds played alone, answered questions, answered questions from the 1st hint etc)

– automatically adds host to user if he has the same ident & nick. (users can have multiple hosts)

– accepts answer from multiple users (the points decrease based on the answer order) except for the bonus questions [optional]

– KAOS question support

– language module implemented (ro,en available)

– ro & en questions available in archive

– greet users with their stats (requires +trivia)

– autovoice for TOP users

– advertise system implemented

– anti command flood system implemented

– easy way to personalise your trivia with desired colors by using [colorname]text[nocolor], background colors support also.

– and much more…

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