BlackTools – Web Edition

Version 2.5.5

The first version of a website for a channel management script that contains the userlist and banlist of a channel. Page generated LIVE.

* Currently supports only 1 channel

* Package contains : PHP website, BlackTools tcl modified to generate and upload the php page

* The page is generated live after actions like adduser, deluser, ban add, ban remove etc.

* Has also the posibility to access the webpage only by command (!web) that will generate a unique key which will be used with the wesite link. The key expires expires after T time (set in .tcl)
Example : !web
-TCLHelp- [BT] WEB link for you: . Expires in 60 seconds.

* packages required for eggdrop : ftp, http, tls (if website used uses https), for Website : mysql installed.

** Webpage example to view : BlackTools Web Page

** Please read README.txt from archive for INSTALATION and CONFIGURATION

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