Version 1.0

Gets news from RSS sites added via IRC. Now featuring a preferential setting that let’s the user define his keywords to get only the news that contains them.
Every chan can have its own list of RSS feeds to check.

packages required : tdom, http, tls

Commands :

!rss – shows the ID’s and the commands for the RSS added

!rss add [num=X time=X enc=X word=X,Y,Z]

Options (if not specified the standard values are set bellow):
num=X -> define the number of new rss news to get ; ex: num=5
time=X -> define the time in minutes for the bot to check for new news ; ex: time=3
enc=X -> define the ‘encoding’ if the news aren’t looking so great (like utf-8)
word=X,Y,Z -> define keywords for the rss news (only the news that contain one of the words specified in the title or desc will be shown) ex: word=coronavirus,pandemic,covid
— You can specify one, all or none of the options shown

!rss list -> lists each RSS news added with their details (id,cmd,link, etc.)

!rss del (removes an added RSS, the ID can be taken from !rss list or !rss)

!rss check (checks a RSS link)

!rss help – shows the help

Daniel Voipan
BLaCkShaDoW Administrator
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