BlackRadio – ICECAST Edition

Version 1.2

The next generation Radio TCL script available for YOU now. Working on multiple channels. The script has a primary channel that supports the commands and if another channel is enabled the script shows the song and listeners.
– DJ support with stats for broadcast time, number of broadcasts, last broadcast etc.
– Like and Dislike commands for users to appreciate or dont songs.
– request command for users to use to get their favorite songs on broadcast by the DJ’s
– vote command for users to vote their favorite DJ for current day.
– there are TOPs for broadcast time and votes for the DJ’s
– autostop radio messages (if set) if there is no activity on channel.
– autoset topic (if set) by specifing who is broadcasting or if BACKUP is ON.
– multiple channel support (showing only current song or listeners on secondary channels)
– option for radio to show song and listeners in same message or separated
– backchan support for DJ commands.
– works only with ICECAST radio type.

!radio (show current song) | !radio uptime (show radio uptime)
!dj add | list | del / | on | off | top [total] (top shoutcast time and votes)
!like (if you like a song)| list (for admin flags or dj)
!dislike (if you dont like a song) | list (for admin flags or dj)
!vote (vote for the current DJ) | list (for admin flags) | reset (for admin flags)
!request (when DJ is online)

Daniel Voipan
BLaCkShaDoW Administrator
The One and Only

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