Version 1.0

Now you can get your email alerts and list via IRC.
Multiple email account support.
Passwords saved in rc4 encryption.
Mail accounts added need to support imap.

This package contains: BlackMail.tcl,, All the files go to scripts directory.

TCL packages required: tcllib
Perl packages nedeed: Email::Simple, Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL
Install perl packages: sudo cpan ‘Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL’
sudo cpan ‘Email::Simple’

Configuration setting: chmod +x (in terminal)

PRIVATE Commands:
mail add [mail folder] mail list (list your mail accounts)
mail del (delete mail account by ID taken from mail list)
mail (list mail from account)

mail add Gmail mygmail mypassword

To list email from an account:

mail gmail

* Auto Alert System on new emails *

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