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BlackRSS.tcl error posting automatically

Iliyan A
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Hello, since I had to shut down my server forcefully now my bot is not posting any news from the tcl. See what I have below. Any help?


[12:22:48] <Arsenal> [12:22:44] Tcl error in script for 'timer3857':
[12:22:48] <Arsenal> [12:22:44] invalid command name ""
[12:23:07] <BAYO> .tcl putlog $::errorInfo
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> [12:23:04] invalid command name ""
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> while executing
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> "[$node selectNodes "title"] text"
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> (procedure "rss:items" line 12)
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> invoked from within
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> "rss:items $current_data"
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> (procedure "rss:timer:check" line 44)
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> invoked from within
[12:23:07] <Arsenal> "rss:timer:check {{2 #Arsenal !arseblog 1 1 utf-8 ArseBlog} {3 #Arsenal !all 1 1 utf-8 AllA..."


Also this:

[13:58:26] <BAYO> .tcl putlog [timers]
[13:58:26] <Arsenal> [13:58:23] {307 time_speaks timer3867 1}

Thank you.

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Hello, did you tried to restart the eggdrop or to check if other RSS works ?

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