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An usefull script that allows to upload everything from a directory to a FTP directory by a TIMER. – uploads files, directories. – it automatically creates directories if not exists. – only uploads again when source file size is different from the destionation file. – package ftp is needed. Install tcllib for that.


About This File The next generation trivia script brought to you by Version 1.1 — bugs fixed — MySQL support for users, scores,stats — html page generator — includes BlackTrivia website — ftp upload for the page generated to website. Commands: 1. /PRIVMSG q add ::… ; add a question FOR KAOS, put KAOS: …


DESCRIPTION: Keeps a word count (lines, words, chars) for all users that speak on chan. Works on multiple channels, having also a page generator and a website for the stats to be seen by users. The saving is done by MONTH so every month stats is saved until the next year comes. ## INSTALLATION: ## …