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DESCRIPTION: Shows some info of the world countries (capital, currencies, population, etc). Also records countries from users joining your channel and makes a top list. INSTALLATION: ++ http package is REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ tls package is REQUIRED for this script to work. (1.7.18-2 or later) ————————————————————————– * How to install tls: …


The script will ban all IPs which are in countries added to the blacklist. You can add both full name and/or countries shortcut. ATTENTION:¬†You must have ‘package GeoIP‘ for the script to work.


# COVID-19 (corona) statistics script for Eggdrop   A script that displays real time statistics about COVID-19 (corona).   ## Requirements   * Eggdrop >= 1.6.18 * TCL >= 8.6 * tcllib (<>) * tcltls (<>)   ## Commands   !corona [country] – Shows total statistics if no argument is given. If a country name …