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Ofera previziune detaliate zilnice ale horoscopului pentru fiecare semn zodiacal. Semne zodiacale: Berbec, Taur, Gemeni, Rac, Leu, Fecioara, Balanta, Scorpion, Sagetator, Capricorn, Varsator si Pesti.


This package contains: BlackMail.tcl,, All the files go to scripts directory. Configuration setting: chmod +x (in terminal) PRIVATE Commands: mail add [mail folder] mail list (list your mail accounts) mail del (delete mail account by ID taken from mail list) mail (list mail from account)


Gives detailed horoscope predictions about all astrology signs, commonly known as zodiac signs. — Spanish Edition — !Sagitario Predicción para hoy 23 de Enero de 2021 Sagitario – Cuando un niño está aprendiendo a montar en bicicleta, siempre hay un adulto corriendo detrás de él, agarrándose al sillín. Es posible que hasta ese momento la …


DESCRIPTION: Next Generation of DNS TCL + now suporting multiple ip/hosts/nicks all in one command + shows the IPv4 ips and the IPv6 (if the server where the eggdrop runs supports it) + supports also reverse dns + command flood protection Both IPv4 & IPv6 supported. Tested on Eggdrop v1.8.4 (Debian Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64) Tcl version: …


## DESCRIPTION: Gets info from wikipedia about everything, available in all wikipedia languages. – if you want to know stuff that no one knows 🙂 Tested on Eggdrop v1.8.3 (Debian Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64) Tcl version: 8.6.6 ## INSTALLATION: ++ http & tls packages are REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ Edit the BlackWiki.tcl script …


The script will ban all IPs which are in countries added to the blacklist. You can add both full name and/or countries shortcut. ATTENTION: You must have ‘package GeoIP‘ for the script to work.


Returns IPs (both IPv4 & IPv6) dns, location & organization information for a nick/IP/hostname. requires: packages http and json USAGE: !ip <ip> / <host> / <nickname> UPDATES/CHANGES: – added a flood protection settings against those who abuse the use of command. – added extra stuff for suspicious details as: proxy, tor and spam. – added extra stuff …


DESCRIPTION: This script searches Open Movie Database movies by title, IMDb identifier, date released, genre, url, season or episode and output informations in irc channel(s). Also retrieves plot summary, synopsis and includes a flood control mechanism. INSTALLATION: ++ http & json packages are REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ Edit the BlackIMDB.tcl script and …